The culture

As a  Company and Co-workers we strive each day for Excellence and we achieve what we do by being Bold, but without ever forgetting to be  a Trustworthy partner and treating each other and our business with Respect.


We strive to be outstanding in our domain and aim to deliver quality which surpasses ordinary standards. We want to be truly the best in what we do. Therefore, we foster creativity and confidence and encourage people to not limit themselves so they can excel and become experts in their domain. Deliver premium value to our customers, easy to do business, thought leadership


We get things done. New ideas are welcomed and encouraged to support our strategy. We do our research, to update and adjust our services accordingly. We strive to continuously develop our skills and services. We choose to be bold, not only to inspire but also to instigate growth, progress, and movements for both the business as our people. We support each other in personal growth, knowledge growth, spiritual growth, and cultural growth. We go beyond the limits of conventional thought or action and use our imagination to deliver the best, possible solutions for our clients. Dare to think big, committed and passionate in heart and mind to win.


We have a clear strategy, and we deliver simplified, easy, transparent solutions to our customers. We keep our promises and commitments. We respect and understand people’s disparities and different personalities. We have an open mind and are thoughtful of each other. We want to build a culture of respect where we work hard, think ahead, where we listen and take action and where you can learn from and work together with the best. We want to build a relationship with our customers and our colleagues. Communication, competence, reliability, and integrity are key. Integrity, be real, inclusive, value our people.


We listen and stand up for each other and build a feeling of trust, safety, and wellbeing. We stand for inclusiveness; we involve everyone in our story. By being inclusive everyone can be part of the Orange Cyberdefense family and develops a sense of belonging. This way we can provide better opportunities for learning and development. We cultivate an environment of diversity, communication, commitment, choice, partnerships, opportunities, and attitude by starting to listen to our employees and each other.

Why choose Orange Cyberdefense? Our colleagues are happy to tell you why!

As a senior consultant you will be presented with projects that you will deliver with your accumulated knowledge. You can always rely on colleagues.

Dirk Verpoest Senior Consultant

Working at Orange Cyberdefense is truly inspiring. What strikes me most, is that you get the opportunity to work with some of the best in all domains of cyber security. As a salesperson, this means you’re able to bring real value to your customers, enabling you to build a long-term relationship!

Barry Claessens Corporate Account Manager

Orange Cyberdefense creates a professional and fun atmosphere to work in. The high level of know-how within each team combined with the easy to talk to mentality helps you to grow and challenge yourself.

Nick Meeus Application Manager

Orange Cyberdefense is a company of experts: we work hard and we play hard. Our HR strategy is based on flexibility and takes into account individual needs. By doing so we don’t provide a job for our employees, but an entire career based on their specific talents.

Kim Craenhals HR Manager

Working for Orange Cyberdefense is not just having a job. It is being part of a motivated team.

Julie Fauvel Program Manager

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